Jon Olch’s ‘A Passion for Permit’ has been read and reviewed by multiple publications.

From Andy Mill, author of A Passion for Tarpon:

“Jon Olch has traveled the fly-fishing world for nearly four decades, devoting his hundreds of trips almost exclusively to permit. Personally, between you and me, I have a hung this is evidence he should be sent to a padded room and administered drugs! But in his obsessive pursuit of permit, Olch has succeeded in capturing what it takes to consistently catch permit, along the way polishing all the gazillion little pieces that add up to becoming a world-class angler. Now his incredibly hard-won knowledge is all yours.”

From Jim at Yellow Dog Fly Fishing:

“If you’re an avid flats fisher, you will absolutely love the new book A Passion for Permit. Jonathan Olch has spent decades passionately chasing permit. He has figured out what makes the elusive species tick and how to catch them. And for a fraction of the cost of a single day of guided fishing, you can learn from the vast experience of this world-class angler.”

From Dave Bradley at Australian Flyfishing Outfitters:

Jonathan Olch aka “A Passion for Permit” author

jonathan Olch aka “A Passion for Permit” author with his first #Barramundionfly #permitonfly #australianflyfishingoutfitters #flyfishaustralia 

As well as been the subject in many online articles:

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Jon Olch has also reviewed Monic Fly Lines, an industry leader:

“Monic continues to raise the bar! I’ve been a fan of the previous generation MonicAST permit-specific clear floating fly line for years. I truly believe clear fly lines are far less likely to spook permit than opaque lines. Recently I had the opportunity to fish the new Covert Clear line and the Phantom Tip (intermediate) fly lines. Even just stripping line off my reel, I was instantly impressed with the relaxed lack of memory of both fly lines at 80 degrees F. No line stretching was needed to achieve optimal performance. Even over a long span of hours, both lines resists kinking and coiling. Monic’s Microslick spray dressing enhances performance…..” Read More

Jon olch reviews monic fishing lines

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