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Jon Olch has traveled the fly-fishing world for nearly four decades. The majority of his hundreds of trips have been dedicated almost exclusively to permit. He has the experience it takes to skillfully and passionately write a book dedicated to the angling of permit. Throughout the years, Jon has written multiple articles and pieces on the art of fly fishing and permit. His expansive knowledge on the subject brings together everything you need to know about permit in his newly released book. Jon is an avid fly tier who generously walks you through the best techniques and generously shares his most effective crab patterns.

jonathan olch holding a permit fish in the oceanWorld traveled for permit

Jon’s passion for unlocking the secrets of catching the elusive permit drew him to areas including Florida Keys, Mexico, Belize, the Bahamas, Kenya, Honduras, the Seychelles, Venezuela, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos, Cuba, Australia and elsewhere in search of Atlantic and Indo-Pacific permit. The last decade alone has been spent on his personal catamaran in Belize, Florida & Honduras. With camera in hand, Jon takes you on trips so well documented you’ll feel as if you’re getting first hand experience.

A single day of fly fishing can be incredibly expensive. You get the knowledge behind how to be successful at permit angling for a fraction of the cost! Not only that- but you will learn about the experience, what makes a permit tick, everything you need to know from a world-class angler. Although just released, A Passion for Permit is already receiving raving comments from the beginning angler, to the avid angler. Featured on multiple websites for it’s expansive knowledge on permit (as well as it’s closely related cousins,) Jon has captured every detail necessary.

Senior Contributor to Tail Magazine.

jonathan olch, contributor tail magazine