All About Permit

What is Permit?

The permit, Trachinotus falcatus, is a game fish of the western Atlantic Ocean belonging to the Carangidae family.‘Permit’ is one of the most sought-after fish in the flats. There are a few cousin-species as well that carry close to the same difficulty in catching. Many pursue the permit, often disappointed. It is not uncommon for someone to give up and go after something else because of the difficulty that comes with catching the permit. Permit primarily are found in regions such as flats and sandy beaches, and deeper cuts, channels, and holes near these areas. Permit often swim in water depths less than 2 feet, some in as little as 12 inches even given their large body.

Why ‘A Passion for Permit’?

Avalon guide, Yoandry, tails a gorgeous Cayo Cruz permit caught by the author.

With Jon Olch’s book, A Passion for Permit, you will have in your hands more knowledge on all things permit than most will see in a lifetime. Contained in it’s pages, you will learn about the unthought of nuances of the permit by learning about its anatomy, biology, sources of food and preferred habitats. The adult permit feed on crabs, shrimp, and often smaller fish. This is what they are eating on the flats – and what gives us a chance to attain the holy grail when it comes to fly fishing. The permit is an incredibly elusive fish. Why? They have incredibly vision! With eyes the size of golf balls (that can rotate almost 360 degrees) gives it an unfair advantage. Never fear. We will cover strategies, techniques, tips & tricks, all illustrated with superb closeup imagery not found anywhere else. In order to become a master when it comes to Permit, you’ll need to first learn about the permit. Little known facts, swimming habits and casting techniques are all vital in catching.

Permit is not for the casual fisher. If you’re looking for a day out with the kids and hope to catch a fish or two for dinner, permit is not for you. Permit fish can reach a length of 48 in. and can weigh up to 79 lbs. (according to the Florida Museum of Natural History.)

A Passion for Permit will cover everything you need to know about Permit fishing. Your casting must be flawless, your technique on point. You will learn all of this and so much more from author Jon Olch, as well as a collective knowledge of more than 20 global permit angling experts.

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